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Who should use is for anyone!  The products are universal and can be used by everyone.  The all purpose Will form is intended for a modest estate (less than $1,000,000) and straightforward wishes about what you want to do with it.  If the all purpose Will form does not fit your situation, absolutely use the other forms developed by and consult your attorney for a Will which best suits your situation. 

How to proceed?

Once you have made your purchase you can complete the fill in the blank forms in the privacy of your own home.  Bring the completed forms to an attorney for review, signature and other required actions of your state.  Your Will should be kept in a safe deposit box, home safe or at your attorney's office.  The remainder of the necessary estate planning forms are designed to be kept in your home filing cabinet where they can be readily accessed.  It is important to inform you health care agent and durable power of attorney agent where they can find the completed estate planning forms.



Power Of Attorney

Revocation - Power of Attorney

HIPPA Release

Letter of Instruction

Digital Asset Manager


Note - You will be re-directed to for pricing and the secure completion of your transaction.

Necessary Disclaimer:

This product provides information and general advice about the law, but laws and procedures change frequently and they can be interpreted differently by different people.  For specific advice geared to your specific situation, consult an expert.  No book or form of other published material is a substitute for personalized advice from a knowledgeable lawyer licensed to practice law in your state.  THEREFORE, CONSULT YOUR ATTORNEY.

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